TONIGHT! Must-Attend Meeting to Support Woodbine Bike Lanes

As you’re aware, after 5+ years of our aggressive lobbying, and a great deal of work and support from our supportive local councilor Janet Davis, our plan to revitalize Woodbine Avenue with protected bike lanes has been approved for implementation in 2016.  If all goes well, it will be safe, by the end of this year, for cyclists and pedestrians to travel from Parkview Hills to the Beach and all points in between.


It is essential that each and every one of us shows up & speaks up at upcoming local consultations:

(1) 7pm this Friday, June 17th, at 1233 Woodbine (New Stars Video)  Ward 31 Cycle Toronto members who live or work south of O’Connor, between Main & Coxwell, should attend this Friday’s General Meeting of the Woodbine Heights Association.  The Association (which residents may join on arrival, free-of-charge) will be voting on a formal letter of support for bike lanes on Woodbine (see attached).  It’s essential that the letter be approved so that Council understands the Woodbine Bike Lane project is needed by the community at large, and not just by cyclists.

(2) 5pm-8pm next Wednesday, June 22, at Stan Wadlow Community Centre (373 Cedarvale) It is even more important that all of us attend the City’s formal consultation, whether we live, work, or merely pass through the Woodbine.  While there is no formal poll, city staff will be tracking and reporting on how many residents express support and opposition for the project, and here is every reason to that the minority opposed to bike lanes on Woodbine will try to swamp the meeting.  Bike lane opponents on council may use any excuse to try and kill this project, so it is essential that cyclists, pedestrians, and supporters of a revitalized Woodbine show up in force to speak for the informed majority of residents.  If you can’t make it next Wednesday, please attend the south end consultation being held Thursday, June 23, from 5-7 at St. John’s, Norway Church, 470 Woodbine Avenue.

Thank you so much for all your time and effort in helping us get to this point.  I look forward to seeing you Friday, and next Wednesday, so we can manoeuvre this through some of the final hoops.  In the interim, please send your letters of support for the project to the City c/o .


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