TONIGHT! Public meeting for Woodbine Separated Bike Lanes


Just a reminder to attend the formal consultation & open house on the Woodbine Bike lane.

  • 5pm-8pm TONIGHT, Wednesday, June 22,
  • Stan Wadlow Community Centre (373 Cedarvale)

City webpage on the project is 

We’ve done so much work to get this essential project as far as we have, but we need to make it clear to all concerned that there’s a strong majority in favour of this bike lane.  This project is something the whole neighborhood, from businesses, to pedestrians, motorists and cyclists, desperately need.

Key points on the proposed bike lane:

This isn’t just a bike lane.  It is a long-overdue streetscape improvement that benefits the whole community.

We’re very optimistic that this proposal, which introduces protected bike lanes, but also a protective barrier for pedestrians and a row of all-hours parking, will be the catalyst for revival of Woodbine Avenue.  The status quo is not an option, even if we ignore cycling safety issues.  Woodbine is the neighborhood’s main street, and local business is suffering because there is no effective buffer to make pedestrians feel safe and comfortable on the sidewalk.  Too many storefronts are vacant, or occupied with makeshift and informal residential tenancies.

The current proposal has managed to protect cyclists and pedestrians without any noteworthy impact on travel times or the ability to accommodate peak parking demand.  The plan accommodates almost the maximum recorded demand for on-street parking, and it provides parking for local residents and businesses during hours when parking is currently prohibited altogether.

Woodbine currently feels unsafe for cyclists and pedestrians.   As parents, we’re especially scared to let our kids travel to their activities, or to the beach, along Woodbine without measures to protect them from motorists.

Ultimately, we need to help people understand this isn’t just a demand for accommodation from one subset of the population.  It’s a demand from the whole neighborhood for attention that is long overdue.


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