Ward 31 Bikes supports the Ten Year Cycling Network Plan



Here is the Ward 31 Bikes submission in support of the Ten Year Cycling Network Plan:


Dear Public Works and Infrastructure Committee,


I’m writing to you today in my role as Co-Captain of the Ward 31 Bikes Advocacy Group, and wish to express our overwhelming support for the implementation and *proper* funding of the 10 Year Cycling Network Plan.


While the city-wide plan is essential to get Toronto moving and reduce congestion on our roads – just think of how easily traffic would move if the 43% of automobile trips in Toronto that are under 5 km (or a ~5 min drive) were instead taken using an alternate method of travel, such as bicycles?  Out of every 100 cars on our roads, 43 of them would disappear, easing congestion DRAMATICALLY, all because of a small investment in a connected and safe network of bicycle lanes.


GIVE your constituents an option.  DON’T force them to drive everywhere, often stuck in traffic, or wait forever for a TTC bus that never comes.


Please not only support the Ten Year Cycling Plan, but support funding it so that it can be built quickly.   A minimal investment of 25 million per year will allow this plan to be implemented even faster than in 10 years, and change transportation in our city – getting people out of cars and easing congestion – which helps our health, our neighbourhoods, and our businesses.
Feel free to contact us with any questions about our support.
Ward 31 Bikes

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