Danforth Avenue Planning Study – Community Meeting #2 Feb 23, 7pm

A Community Meeting is planned to talk about the Danforth (between Coxwell and Vic Park) Planning Study – a rare opportunity to think about how to plan for growth and how we want the Danforth’s design to build and foster community.

Of particular interest to cyclists is item #3 in the Danforth East Community Association’s “5 Priorities for the Danforth” document:

3: Rebalancing the transportation mix

Commercial viability, public safety and a naturally fun and attractive street atmosphere requires much more foot traffic and eyes on the street than we currently have. While that will mean making a 27-metre-wide street allowance much safer and easier to cross for pedestrians and safer and more comfortable for cyclists to co-exist within, it would also require a comprehensive study of parking needs, opportunities (for basic commercial activity and proposed redevelopments) and how our subway stations can better connect with the surrounding areas.


via DECA Diaries:

Mark your calendars! The second public meeting for the city’s Danforth Avenue Planning Study happens Thursday, February 23rd, 7 p.m. at the Danforth Mennonite Church (north side of Danforth, a block east of Woodbine). DECA’s Visioning Committee, which has for the past three years been advocating and preparing for this study — with help from planners, architects, academics and a community members from many walks of life – urges that you attend this public consultation.

The Avenue Study (Phase 1 from Victoria Park to Coxwell avenues) presents a once-in-50-years opportunity for getting the east end’s main commercial street back on track toward being a lively, safe, vibrant and economically healthy destination.

More information: DECA Diaries.



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